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September 06 2017

Tags: nerdism

August 06 2017

If Tetris has taught me anything, it's errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.

What is Numeric Array Out following execution of the VI?


NOTE:  Flush Queue returns an array of the elements remaining in the queue into Numeric Array Out.


Lossy enqueue.png

 lossy enqueue drops oldest elements first (if max size is reached)

loop pushes [0,1,2,3,4] then 0 is dropped and 5 enqueued, then 1 is dropped and 6 enqueued --> [2,3,4,5,6]

August 05 2017


Sega Saturn CD - Cracked after 20 years


Is PS/2 or USB Better for Keyboards and Mice?


Why Does Your Internet Connection Randomly Stop Working?


Play Real GameBoy Cartridges On Your Phone!

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LGR - "Doom" on a Calculator! [Ti-83 Plus Games Tutorial]

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July 21 2017

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when equipment screens don’t actually pause the game

When even your fake life has no life

the rise of the sexbot!


  1. Would people have sex with a robot?
  2. What kind of relationship can we have with a robot?
  3. Will robot sex workers and bordellos be acceptable?
  4. Will sex robots change societal perceptions of gender?
  5. Could sexual intimacy with robots lead to greater social isolation?
  6. Could robots help with sexual healing and therapy?
  7. Would sex robots help to reduce sex crimes?
Personally, as regards question two, I wouldn’t have a problem with working with robots, as I think I’ve met quite a few android-like colleagues in my career.

Harmony, is priced at a staggering $15,000

Which now means, when you get questioned by your partner as to where you’ve you been all night, you will have to say, “…look, I promise, I haven’t been with that robot again.” To which you might hear the retort, “…I swear, it’s either that robot, or me!” 

July 20 2017


Message Bus Architecture - An Intro



It all started when I was browsing across the forums and realised that I wanted an architecture that took all my favorite elements of LabVIEW (User events, Polymorphic VIs, Ease of Use, Flexibility being among them) and put them together all in one architecture...


Let me introduce the idea of a Message Bus. You have subscribers to a message bus that can send or receive messages and perform actions as a result.

Basic topology.png

A subscriber spends most of its time waiting for a message on the bus, and once its received a message, it can choose to discard or process it, and perform any neccessary actions.

So what is a message? Its a user event that contains a Message ID and Message Data (as shown below)

Message format.png

Ok, thats good so far, but what about SubVIs?

Basic tiered topology.png

I propose that SubVIs (By this, I mean major SubVIs, that contain a big portion of your programs functionality like the DAQ handler, or a Comms handler) have their own local message bus and are linked to the top level bus via a Link. This means that all Top Level messages like Stop commands/Control commands are forwarded to the local message bus. This allows you to Stop all the subscribers (and hence the SubVI) from the top level easily, as well as send configuration/start/data messages. Now you have something that conceptually looks like this:

Basic tiered topology with vi scope shown.png

Now I'm thinking- how I report things like error data back to the top level so it can decide whats next in terms of program execution?

Bidirectional concept.png

...with this architecture its easy to send data back up to the Top Level VI too.


What do the VIs look like?


What would a typical subscriber look like?

A subscriber.png

I have written an example VI that shows typical usage of this architecture, including the 'Link and Filter' functionality where a local bus can choose to only listen to certain message IDs, therefore reducing the traffic internally.

If you have any questions, please comment on this and if it highlights a lack of detail in this article, I will append it in.

I have attached 2 versions of the architecture, both in LabVIEW 2009SP1. One uses Strings in the Message ID, and the other uses a Strict Type Def Enum as the Message ID. Both have their advantages and disadvantages (loose coupling vs. tight coupling), and if you are undecided with this, I'd look at the String version first.

Mark B

===If this fixes your problem, mark as solution!===
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July 18 2017


Die Dänen sind lockerer

Zum gestrigen Beitrag über die ACAB-Rechtsprechung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts noch ein ganz aktueller Schnappschuss, den mir Mattias Schlenker aus dem Urlaub auf Bornholm geschickt hat.

Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber die Galerie könnte nicht nur mit Kunst, sondern auch mit Werbemitteln (Stofftaschen z.B.) richtig Geld verdienen.

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Somewhere around the 133 Mark I stopped caring. Configuration trumps bus speeds.
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